Chrome Plating Factory

Aftermarket Supplier of Plastic Chrome Plated Auto Accessories, ABS Plastic Wheel Covers, Mirror Covers, Door Handle Covers, Tailgate Handle Covers, Mirror Covers and Hubcaps

Chrome Plating Factory

Certified Supplier of Aftermarket Auto Accessories

Certification for Plastic Plating Process for your Automotive Car Accessory

For over 40 years, CHERNG MIN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. (Cherng Min) has been offering a superior and wide range of auto parts to the customers from OEM and aftermarket companies.
Shiny chrome, satin nickel and trivalent chromium electroplating are provided with high quality production technologies and coating systems, which resulting in auto accessories with good resistances to corrosion, great resistances to abrasion, and ease of cleaning.

Plastic chrome plating is an innovative process; without proper plating systems, any small mistaken decisions can lead to defective productions. Start from resin material and electroplating rack's selection and chemical solution formula design, Cherng Min's engineering team is always delivlery based on years of experience and ensures the design meets clients' best interests. For large, complex and fragile auto parts' plastic electroplating, from cleasing, etching to finishing, each process is monitored based on international standards.

  • Certified plastic plating processes
  • RoHS certified process for waste solution handling
  • TAF approved testing lab with gauges that are strictly inspected regularly
  • ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001 and Dunn & Bradstreet
Plating on Plastic Processes - Material ABS and PC/ABS

For the U.S. OEM car makers, not only we provide auto accessory with advanced plating technology, the resin plastic we purchase from are well-known companies including Samsung Cheil, GE, Chemei and Formosa Tairilac. Particularly for OE North American projects, Samsung Cheil plastic is used to assure its quality. And of course.

Molding Machine

We work closely with our mold design team to avoid defective productions. There are lots to consider when it comes to the process, the temperature, the thickness, the plastic resin's quality and the size. Along with the skillful mold design capability, the wide range of injection molding machine allowed Cherng Min to make various sizes of parts.

At Cherng Min, there are over one hundred molds for your selection. For long-term cooperate clients, their molds are self-owned.

With the fast mold changing system, the mold changing is precise and the production speed is increased.

Injection Molding

We combine our resin supplier's technical support with our molding parameter experience to ensure high quality molded parts. It is a critical process since mold design, molding injection machine's operation and the outcome of each molded part can determin the quality of plastic item later on.

Injection Molding Machines:

  • 100 Ton Press x 3
  • 250 Ton Press x 2
  • 300 Ton Press x 4
  • 400 Ton Press x 2
  • 450 Ton Press x 1
  • 500 Ton Press x 1
  • 650 Ton Press x 1
  • 850 Ton Press x 2
  • 1200 Ton Press x 1
Cherng Min Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Cherng Min)

We have the capability to make not only small auto parts, but also large auto accessories, like lamp bezels, grille inserts, etc.

Injection Molding Machine

We combine our resin plastic hangling technical with molding parameter experience to ensure high quality molded parts for plating. There are regular chrome, black chrome and satin Nickel plastic plating for your surface choices.

Cleaning and Etching

Before the actual plating, there are numerous jobs to do such as:

1. Resin plastic handling (cleaning and drying), plating rack preparation (Titanium Plating Rack is used for better plating performance in Cherng Min),
2. Electroplated items cleaning,
3. Etching (for electrolytic plating processes, etching is a post treatment before actual plating process),
4. Item plating (electroplating can be conducted several times before the goal is achieved)

We provide Mirror Covers, Door Handle Covers, Tailgate Handle Covers, Wheel Covers, and Center Caps.

Plated Auto Accessory Testing
  • Regular Chrome
  • Black Chrome
  • Satin Nickel