Aftermarket Supplier of Plastic Chrome Plated Auto Accessories, ABS Plastic Wheel Covers, Mirror Covers, Door Handle Covers, Tailgate Handle Covers, Mirror Covers and Hubcaps


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Regular / Black Chrome Plating, and Satin Nickel Plating Service with rich experience, You can also view an online version of our printed catalog by clicking on the picture.

CHERNG MIN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. specializes in manufacturing superior ABS auto accessories, including wheel covers and center caps, door handle covers, mirror covers, tailgate handle covers and gas door covers, etc.

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Aftermarket Auto Accessories Supplier of Plastic Wheel Covers, ABS Plastic Mirror Covers, Plastic Door Handle Covers and Plastic Tailgate Handle Covers -- Cherng Min

We specialize in manufacturing superior ABS Wheel Covers and Auto Accessories, including Mirror Covers, Door Handle Covers, and other Chrome Plating Products with advanced production facilities. Our seasonal experience and the outstanding R&D team will ensure your business become profitable. Cherng Min Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1969 and owns the latest molding presses, painting equipment, and automatic electroplating systems to produce fabulous Car Accessories and ABS Wheel Covers.

As one of the well-known auto accessories manufacturers, we provide sophisticated Mirror Covers, Tailgate Handle Covers, Door Handle Covers, and Chrome Mirror Covers, and ABS Wheel Covers in Taiwan. Cherng Min expands their business worldwide to establish the ambition for obtaining the Car Accessories market.

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